This service concerns you who are worried about money to solve some situations and cope with the economic crisis that is hitting the whole world. Also this offer is suitable for all those who meet our credit conditions and who can repay them according to a schedule worthy of the name and approve by our financial advisers who are available to you write your free schedule

A rate to savor to realize all your summer projects!

New or Used Auto Loan, Works Loan, Leisure Loan or simply need cash for any other project, the CREDIT FINANCE Personal Loan is the solution to benefit from an attractive rate and a tailor-made solution. The promotional offer only applies to Personal Loans in the amount requires a repayment duration according to your capacity. Personal loan for all general public projects without proof of project at the fixed TAG of 2%.

Personal Loan offer reserved for individuals (excluding professional and real estate projects). Duration from 1 to 7 years and amount from € 2,000 to € 5,000,000. All rates and amounts are excluding optional insurance. Monthly subscription for one person's optional insurance: 0.13% of the amount borrowed, i.e. a cost per month of € 40 for the month, which is added to the monthly payment and a total amount due with optional insurance.


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